Generous giving is an integral part of the discipleship of Christian believers.  Giving within the Church and beyond it not only resources God’s mission in the world but also has an impact on our lifestyle.

However, in many of our church communities, we are reluctant to address issues around money and giving.  In the Parish of West Byfleet, we want to be open and honest about this area of spiritual growth and unlock the generosity of the people of God for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

“Giving for Life” is a resource for parishes that helps each parish address this vital area of its life.  The guide helps parishes integrate four key tasks into the life of a church:

  1. Preaching and teaching regularly about giving in the context of discipleship;
  2. Communicating that giving to the church enables the ministry and mission that flows from it;
  3. Holding some sort of annual review of giving;
  4. Sending an annual, personal “thank you” to regular givers.

To find out more about “Giving for Life” at St. John’s, click here