Junior Choir – FAQ

Q What does the Choir actually do?.

A  The choir leads our congregation in the sung parts of worship. This includes singing hymns, songs and anthems. We sometimes sing elsewhere, for example Guildford Cathedral. And at Christmas we sing a Nativity Musical – which is always good fun!

Q I can’t sing very well yet.

A Don’t worry, our Director of Music performs miracles! He says that everybody can sing if they are trained the right way, and want to learn.

Q My family doesn’t go to Church.

A Don’t worry about that. You can be dropped off on Sunday mornings at 9.30, and be collected again at 11.30 am. You will be looked after by older teenagers and adults.

Q I often play football or other sport on Sunday morning.

A That’s ok – you just come on the Sundays when you are available. Occasionally we have a service in the evening, so you could certainly come to that. There is no minimum attendance requirement – obviously, the more you come, the faster you make progress.

Q My family would like to come to Church but don’t know what to expect.

A No problem! Our congregation is very friendly and welcoming. They help newcomers to follow the service, and take you for refreshments afterwards.

Q My friends say that going to Church is boring.

A Not necessarily. The Choir has a big responsibility, with lots of things to sing. There isn’t time to be bored. Chris, our Vicar, isn’t boring. He asks lots of questions for us to think about.

Q What if I sometimes go away for the weekend?

A That’s fine, we all have holidays!

Q My parents are separated, and I’m not always here at the weekends.

A That’s ok, just come when you are here.

Q I don’t live in West Byfleet.

A As long as you can get here for the practice on Tuesday evening (6.15 – 7.15pm), and some Sunday services it doesn’t matter where you live. Some of the congregation and choir live elsewhere – they might be able to help with transport.