The Church of St. John the Baptist

It is impossible to give a full description of the building here, but we offer a taster.

The church, in its entirety, is the work of the architect W.D. Caroe, including the furnishings, and is well worth a visit. The building was completed in 1912.

The church, cruciform in shape, is constructed in Doulting stone and flint, on a brick core. Internally it is complete in Doulting stone, and there is a fine barrel vault ceiling. At ceiling plate level and at the capitals of the colums there is just a touch of the Arts and Crafts Movement in evidence. There are a number of items of interest

  • the detailing of the iron work with Caroe latches;
  • variety in the style of windows;
  • variety in the detailing of the carvings both in wood and stone;
  • the choir stalls with its heads, both happy and rude.


The Font

The font is the work of Nathaniel Hitch in Hopton Wood Stone, weighing two and a half tons. Hexagonal in form it is made up with 4 blocks having the outline of a cup on each side. The inscription in Latin reads


The Memorial Chapel

The Chapel with its War Memorials on the North wall. The present altar, made of oak was placed in the chapel in 1930, and is the work of Dart and Francis, who also worked the reredos above the High Altar. The design is by the church architect – W.D. Caroe.